Online shopping has taken a high turn in India in the last 5 years. Doorstep delivery for anything and everything including clothes, accessories and even groceries are now making us lazier. In the same ways, many people and enterprises send gifts and flowers online to their clients and loved ones. 

The trend of online flower delivery is one of these, people send these flowers everywhere, especially the ones who share a long distance relationship, mostly the soldiers and people with transferable jobs who can't take their families along everywhere they go. Some new relationships in which both the partners working in different cities, it isn't possible for everyone to travel all the time and the relationships suffer a lot because of this. But thanks to the online trend where one can buy gifts for their families, see them through video calls and talk to them whenever they want, this makes the millennial era the luckiest of all as earlier people had no such advantages except for the letters and phone calls. 

Online Flower delivery services are available in most of the metro cities including Pune, which is the student capital of India and has a lot of youth residing in there. Where there is youth, there is growth. They love sending gifts to each other including flowers. 

The online dating apps should be thanked as well for the growing opportunities in such fields. Online dating trend is increasing day by day and so is the business of gifts and flowers. And even if it's not just about the couples, the bulk orders are also placed online, orders for marriages, wedding shower, baby showers and many others. People prefer ordering these things online as to avoid the chaos and the time it takes to travel to the shops. It is preferred to place an order instead of going places.

All the required material for setting up an online business is also very easy and cost-efficient. All you need is an attractive website which offers special coupons and discounts to attract the customers, a warehouse and the delivery staff. A lot of future growth can be seen in the field and one should definitely give it a try (if they are interested of course). 

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