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Love is the purest feeling in the universe when we are love everything seems so perfect. We use to smile without any reasons. Love is the feeling that encompasses all the healings. It is a beautiful source to live life peacefully; love gives you the happiness and pain at the same time. Lover’s share a strong bond and promise to help and care each other at every point in life.

To celebrate love St. Valentine (priest) named a whole week to love. In IIIrd century, Rome, St Valentine served the Emperor Claudius II. According to one legend, that Roman Emperor Claudius II banned the marriage of men because he felt that married men became weak in war times due to families. St. Valentine notice this injustice and secretly began to arrange marriages for young lovers. When the Emperor Claudius II came to know about his actions, he ordered him to put to death.

Other stories say that Valentine may have killed for attempting to help Christians escape from harsh Roman Prisons. According to sources, when St. Valentine was in prison, he fell in love with the Jailer’s blind daughter - who visited him during the confinement. And one day before when St. Valentine was taken to death he wrote a love letter to Julia - the blind girl and signed it as “From your Valentine”, and that’s how the day of love till today lovers address each other as Valentine. Though the legends behind the celebration of Valentine Day are murky. By the middle ages, St. Valentine became famous saints in England and France.

Since then the tradition of sending beautiful flowers, tempting cakes, chocolates and handmade cards of Valentines has become the custom.

Valentine Day Week Celebrations

The Valentine is celebrated for seven days and every day has its own meaning and significance.

Rose Day (7th Feb)
The starting day of Valentine week is Rose Day. People celebrate this day by giving beautiful roses to their loved ones along with gifts.
Propose Day (8th Feb)
The second day of Valentine Week is Propose Day. It is an ideal day to show your emotions and feelings to your loved ones and pamper them with gifts and flowers.
Chocolate Day (9th Feb)
9th Feb, the whole day is dedicated to chocolates, people pamper their soulmate with tempting chocolates and add sweetness to their relations.
Teddy Day (10th Feb)
After adding sweetness in relation, now it’s the time to surprise your lady love with sweet teddy bears. Females are fond of cute teddy bears, and it is also the key to reach their hearts.
Promise Day (11th Feb)
The fifth day is the Promise day. A promise plays a vital role in the relationship. As people say “Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person”. Love comes with lots of responsibilities and commitments. Promise your partner to help them with utmost dedication and love faithfully.
Hug Day (12th Feb)
Hug day is celebrated just two days before the Valentine Day. On this day, people give a warm hug to their loved ones. A hug is a symbol of protection and caring.
Kiss Day (13th Feb)
The seventh day of Valentine week is Kiss Day. On kiss day, lovers get a chance to express their love with a sweet gesture.
Valentine’s Day (14th Feb)
Finally, the big day of the love arrives. Valentine day is a special day for every lover.

There is a great saying that “Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love them, how much you care for them. Because when they’re gone, no matter how loud you shout and cry, they won’t hear you anymore.”So, don't wait long surprising your loved ones with beautiful flowers, precious gifts and chocolates.