Flower delivery Bhosari

Flowers are an ideal gift for all occasion, celebration and people of all ages. They have intrigued people for centuries and continue to do so. Therefore, online Pune Florist brings to your flower delivery Bhosari so that you can send your ideal blessings to your loved ones even if you are far away.

Cake delivery Bhosari

Everyone knows that cakes are images of joy, and no celebration can be celebrated without cutting them. Therefore, cake delivery Bhosari makes it possible for you to send cakes to your loved ones in all seasons for all celebrations so that their celebrations can be full of fun.

About Bhosari

Bhosari is a suburban area in Indian metropolitan city of Pune. Historically the area was known as Bhojapur. Today the area is a well-known industrial hub which is hosting many companies. The area is very famous for its cultural and sports activities such as Wrestling, Kabbadi, etc.

As Bhojapur, the area was the capital of King Bhoj. During the period of Mahabharat, the area was known by the name of Bhojakata and was the capital of Bhoja-Yadav king Rukmi. The area is located at 530ft above the sea level due which the weather in the area remains good all-round the year. The archaeologist also excavated an artist temple in the area which is almost 2000 years old. It is also said that King Bhoj used to organise many cultural events in the same temple. Archaeologists have also discovered many artefacts which almost date back to 200 A.D. The village is said to date back to Gautam Buddha era.