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Cake delivery Phursungi

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About Phursungi

Phursungiis located in Pune district of Maharashtra is a village panchayat. The state capital of Phursungi is Maharashtra. Maharashtra has located about 133.6km away from Phursungi. The native language of the village is Marathi and a majority of people in the village speaks this language.

Nearest railway station to the village is Salvadoran, which is about 2.6 km from the village. Other railway stations are:

  • 1. Phursungi Railway Station
  • 2. HadapsarRailwayStation
  • 3. ManjariBudruk railway station
  • 4. Loni railway station

The nearest airport to the village is HadapsarAirport, which is located at the distance of 4.7km. Other airports around the area are:

  • 1. Pune airport
  • 2. BaramatiAirport

The village is located at the distance of about 16.0 km from the Pune. Some of the other surrounding districts are:

  • 1. Ahmednagar
  • 2 Satra
  • 3. Raigad
  • 4. Thane

Towns which are nearest to the village are:

  • 1. Pune
  • 2. Sasvad
  • 3• Alnadi
  • 4. Jejuri
  • 5. Chakan