Flower Delivery and Cake Delivery in Hadapsar

Joy, Cakes, and Flowers

Any celebration is incomplete without two ingredients namely cakes and flowers and with Online Pune Florist you get choose from wide range of variety.

Fresh Flower Deliveryin Hadapsar

If you want aflower delivery in Hadapsar, then Online Pune Florist is theright place for you. We have flowers for all occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, New Year and Christmas celebrations, Mother's Day, etc. We even have "get well soon" flowers.

You name the occasion, and we can provide flowers for that time. Flowers are the best way to spread happiness and joy in someone's life. Already today's busy lives make us all forgot about the various occasions and on top of that visiting shops for buying gifts can be too much. Well, you don’t need to worry because with ouronline portal you can quickly make flower deliveryHadapsar.

Quality CakesPreparation and Delivery Hadapsar

No matter, how old are you cakes are everyone's delight. Embroideries which are made of pure cream and are spread all over the cake's surface make them very irresistible. They are available in all shapes and sizes and for all occasions. Any event without cutting the cake is just a formality. And now, with cake delivery Hadapsarit is easier than ever to send cakes for all and any special occasion very quickly. Choose from wide range of cakes which can cover any event and celebration. You just name the occasion.

About Hadapsar

Hadapsar, located in Indian city of Pune is a suburban area which is divided into three SEZs namely:

  • 1. MagarpattaCity
  • 2. AmanoraParktown
  • 3. Fursungi IT Park

The area is also head-quarter of SanmitrSahakari Bank.

Located on Mumbai Hyderabad National Highway, the area is suburban industrial part of Pune Municipal Corporation. Apart from being an industrial area there are also lots of tourist attractions and some of them are:

  • 1. Gliding center of Pune

Hadapsar is famous for its gliding centers, which is currently under the command of civil aviation department of India. This center is renowned for offering training to aspiring pilots and pilots with valid Glider Pilot license can fly.

  • 1. KanifnathTemple

This temple is located almost 30 km away from Pune and is believed to be one of the navnaths. Women are barred from entering this temple.

  • 1. Theur

It is a pilgrimage site and house of ChintamaniGanpati Temple. It is believed that Lord Brahma found peace here with the help of Lord Ganesha. Round the year the site attracts a large number of tourists.

Other tourist sites include

  • 1. MastaniTalav
  • 2. Purandar Fort
  • 3. TukaiTekadi
  • 4. Amanora Town Center
  • 5. MayureshwarWildlife sanctuary