Some gorgeous flowers bloom all the year round. But, there are some blooms that represent a classy shade in winter season. That’s true, flowers too face a tough time to adjust themselves as per the seasons. Like the winter season, November is heading, and some of the majestic Indian blooms are ready to show their vibrant colours.

Online Pune Florist has created a bucket of some Indian November Blooms.

Roses: Roses blooms all the year, but the flowers reflect its exact beautiful colour in November season. You may get to see different shades of roses in November season like pink, orange, white, creamy and more. Rose is a versatile flower, which makes them ideal for the decorative and gifting purpose. With us, you can select any of rose flower arrangement and send it to your dear ones.

Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums is a flower that reduces air pollution, and mainly used for the ornamental purposes. NASA has also listed Chrysanthemums, as the best indoor plant.

Dahlia: Dahlia is an ideal colourful flower for decorating the patio. The flowering phase of the flowers begins in mid-summer and continues till autumn in India. The flowers is famous for its vivid and impressive colours.

Abutilons or fuchsia: Whether the sun is bright, the temperature is warm, the flower fuchsia blooms all the year round. In India, this plant is generally coined as Maple Tree, as its leaves resemble maple leaves. The surface of the fuchsia feels like crepe paper.

Sweet Peas: Sweet Peas, due to their long-stemmed and strong scent, the flower is used to make a significant flower arrangement. The fresh peas are often termed as tough to grow; one should follow the necessary instructions to care for these plants, before growing and then they will be handy.

Salvia: Salvia Flowers can be the showstopper of your garden. The flowers grow all the summer till fall.  Same like sweet peas, the salvia flowers are hard to grow and drought-resistant. The Salvia flowers make the perfect picturesque scene in the garden.

Tulip: Netherlands is the world’s largest producer of Tulips. The city nearly exports over three billion tulips every year. In November season, one would get to see beautiful and vibrant colours of Tulip. Moreover, every colour of bulb stands for something like yellow tulip stand for spurned emotions; red tulips represent passion and desire, pink tulips signifies platonic affection between family members or relatives and purple tulips stands of opulence and good luck.

Well, these are some beautiful blooms which one would get to see in November Season. And if you want to send these blooms to your dear ones, then check our extensive collection of blooming flowers. Furthermore, we craft some of the most exquisite floral arrangement. You can choose any of the floral bouquet or arrangement. We assure you of the quality of flowers.

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