Everyone loves to sit back and marvel at the beauty of flowers. Flowers are one of the best gifts of Mother Nature to humankind. If your work hours are long and tiring, and you are someone who loves to come back home and unwind yourself by sitting amidst fragrant flowers, you are going to love this post. Flower delivery in Pune brings you a list of night-blooming flowers that are probably going to be your reason of coming back home as soon as possible, after a busy day at work.

Moon flowers

As it is implied in the name, Moon flowers are nocturnal that is they bloom only at night. They are pure white and start blooming in around late afternoon.By the nightfall, these little buds become full flowers with breathtaking fragrance. Moon flowers last the entire night and die as soon as the sun rises, and the sunlight touches its petals. The flowers are about four to six inch in diameter, grow up to 15 feet and are pollinated by night-flying insects.

Evening primrose

Evening primrose gets its name from the fact that it opens in less than a minute in the evening. This wildflower has a cup shape which is about 0.78 to 2 inches wide having four petals with eight stamens. This flower grows in a variety of shades like bright yellow, pink and white. It is an excellent choice for any night garden as this flower begins to glow in the dark which creates a magnanimous effect.

Day lily

This name might sound like an oxymoron, but there are many daylilies that bloom only at night. This list includes flowers like Moon Frolic and Toltec Sundial. While Toltec Sundial is a highly fragrant flower that is bright yellow in colour, Moon Frolics are lavender coloured flowers that are not fragrant but are quite pretty to look at.

Brahma Kamal

This breathtaking flower is named after Brahma, the Hindu God of creation. Brahma Kamal’s petals bear an uncanny resemblance to the lotus flower’s petals. This flower starts unfurling after the sun sets and remains at its beautiful best in the midnight. Brahma Kamal blooms only once a year at night and could be found in mountains and cold areas.

Night blooming jasmine

Jasmine is well known around the world for its sweet fragrance. Greenish white in colour, night jasmine is considered as the best night garden flower. This tiny, tubular flower blooms exclusively at night spreading its strong perfume around.

These flowers are somewhat unique as they bloom exclusively at night and can turn any regular garden into an enchanting ‘night garden’. Midnight flower delivery Pune gives you an option to deliver these flowers to your special someone or a friend at the perfect time.

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