Eating fresh and healthy food is essential for staying fit. But these days, people are facing a load of health problems due to work overload and stress. Most of the times, people skip breakfast, which is the very important to kick off a healthy day. Whereas, some people are stuck on junk food and consider it healthier than green vegetables. Rest others find difficulty in cooking. Online Pune Florist has to written this article specifically for those people who seek problem in the kitchen and to those who prefer to eat junk. Here, we have shared five edible herbs that one can grow in their homes with no hassle and can eat raw.

Lemongrass: One of the most natural herb to grow in the home. This grass can grow even without soil. One can use lemongrass in dishes to give the spicy edge also it keeps the mosquitoes away.

Basil: Basil adds extra tempting flavour to dishes. This herb is natural to grow all it requires is plenty of sunlight.

Mint: Mint is a fastest growing herb that spreads quickly and doesn't require much care. This herb adds perfection to the drinks and salads. It can be eaten raw also.

Oregano: A sprinkle of oregano is worth enough to make the dish even more delicious. This herb requires a tremendous amount of sunlight, so it is advisable to keep the plant in an open area.

Cilantro: Cilantro or coriander, the perfect topping to any Indian Dish. This herb gives mesmerising taste to the food. Moreover, the combination of cilantro, mint and ginger makes an excellent chutney, which goes with anything you eat from the fritters to bread sandwich.

Well, these are some of the exotic herbs that are easy to grow and give the delicious taste of food. Also, it will the perfect makeover of the kitchen.

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