Birth and death are two important aspects of human life. Human beings are special species on this earth as they have emotional as well as intelligence quotient. To satisfy their intelligence quotient they earn their living while performing different kind of activities and jobs. When it comes to emotional quotient, they engage themselves in families and friends and also celebrate lots of festivals and occasions.

As spring blossoms, Indian society sees loads of festivals, namely, raksha bandhan, Eid, Janmashtami, then dussehra and Diwali, and then a start of new year with dawn of Christmas.

August month sees a very enthusiastic festival which is also actually birthday of one of the Lords. Yes its none other than Janmashtmi which is also the birthday of Lord Krishna and sometimes also referred as Krishna Janam.

The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal in all the temples and households. People listen and tell stories of birth of Krishna. Krishna is always considered as the son of Yashoda, notorious cute kid who likes troubling his mother and other fellow beings like any other kid and loves to eat makhan(butter). Remembering this, people place a small cradle in their houses and temples, place idol of Bal gopal that’s childhood version of Krishna and play with it. Complete day people fast in devotion. Its said that Krishna was born at midnight and so people also visit temples at midnight and then only open their fasts. The complete nation is filled with soothing bhajans and aartis of Lord Krishna.

Flowers have always been important in any kind of celebrations. And birthday of Lord Krishna is no exception. The beautiful cradles decorated with marigold and fragrant flowers, temples decorated with exotic lilies and orchids and households decorated with roses and carnations, there is no flower which is untouched at such a pious and special occasion of Hindu Religion. Fragrance of flowers fill the complete atmosphere with divinity and faith.

Celebration of Janmashtami also brings dahi handi which is actually a pot of curd hung over a significant height and then people stand over one another to make a pyramid kind of structure to break that pot and eat curd from it. Now a days lots of mandals and associations keep competitions to generate donations and funds for the welfare of the society for maximum height of dahi handi and a successful event. The festival not only generates funds but also encourages youth to work in team and strategy. NO single person can alone climb and reach height unless he has full support of lower levels of his pyramid.

There is never a set rule to celebrate a festival. One can always do it with devotion in one’s capacity. Making cards, inviting people for bhajan sandhyas, organising dahi handi celebrations, decorating temples and cradles with flowers, nowadays people also bake curd pot and flute shaped cakes, one can do anything which makes them feel closer to Lord Krishna. 

Every aspect of Krishna’s life is mesmerising, be it his birth, his naughtiness with his friends, his romantic stories with Radha, his troublesome nature with gopiyan, assassination of his mama kans. Just devote yourself to lord Krishna and celebrate Janmashtami in the most special way you can. NO lord asks for offerings. All you need is devotion and unity to celebrate a festival. For flowers you can order them from Online Pune Florist.


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