The arrival of rains and monsoon brings so much positivity in our lives and environment. Everywhere the greens, beautiful colourful flowers, cheerful faces and lots of lip smacking hot food.

These flowers and greeneries add so much positivity in our lives. Whenever we get up in the morning and look around, we see our ponds and gardens filled with these cheerful flowers, in all colors .

Flowers need special care and now new trend of gifting is not only online flowers deliveries but also online plants delivery.

Lets see then trending 10 flowers which are easy to maintain and best to gift online for your near ones.


1.       HIBISCUS – hibiscus plant is known for its various colourful flowers Easy to plant and maintain in your terrace garden or lawn, this surely adds to lots of colors in your life on a daily basis. It comes in all the colors possible like red, orange, purple, yellow and alike. Not only colors but hibiscus flowers are also used to make medicines which controls high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Gift this amazing plant through online pune florist and brings colors to your lives.


2.       GULMOHAR – gulmohar is also known as the peacock flower tree or royal Poinciana. It grows very fast and is easily maintainable. It normally has red and orange flowers which grows very dense on this tree. It also sometimes look like fire as the flowers are very intensely grown all over the tree. At its peak one can hardly see any leaves and its only flowers everywhere. Beautiful and full of life.


3.       JASMINE – jasmine is a very popular flower because of its easy availability and amazing fragrance. The flowers of jasmine denotes so many things and feelings in our daily lives like spirituality, purity, beauty and that’s why these flowers are also commonly offered to god during prayers. Gift this amazing good luck jasmine plant to your near ones through online pune florist.


4.       PLUMERIA – plumeria is a type of tropical tree which is famous for its flowers and their fragrances. The flowers are pure and so good that they are used to make beautiful garlands.


5.       CASSIA – normally seen in monsoon everywhere beautiful tiny yellow flowers grown everywhere so easily looks like its gold everywhere. That’s why they are also known as golden shower sometimes.

Apart from these beautiful flowers, plants have always been the best gifting options. Online Pune florist brings you a variety of gifting plants, like money plant, jade plant, lucky bamboo, rose plant, tulsi , peace lily, bonsai, and alike. These plants are home delivered in ceramic vases, fish bowls, and colourful pots. Order these now through online pune florist and make your near ones happy.


  • Jul 10, 2019
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