Winters are just around the corner. But this winter your lawn won’t be dead anymore, because Online Pune Florist has come up with a guide that introduces you how to take care of plants from this chilling winters.  

Why plants can’t survive the winters?

Discovering your plants dead in winters is such a sad experience. When the ice crystals form inside the cells of plants than the plants almost die even after having a long-living nature. Plants die because of two reasons: ice crystal formation in cells and intercellular ice formation.  By concentrating solutes such as sucralose to reduce to freezing points within the cells, but however, this is only effective till 20 degrees Fahrenheit. After this point, the cells start to freeze and eventually the plant dies.  

Perfect plants for this winter

Calendulas: These flowers are just like daisy ones and are lost lasting even in a vase. Calendulas have easy colour and they have the potential to tolerate almost all types of soil. For better results opt for bright yellow and classic orange or choose fine shades of apricot, soft yellow, and cream. Branching calendulas are 1.5 ft. wide and 1 to 2 ft. in height. All they need is good sunlight and moderate water.

Pansies: The name of these flowers is completely from their attributes. Pansy is a really tough and strong flower. These five-petal flowers are 6 to 10 inches tall. These plants give many blooms throughout the winters and have solid as well as bicolour. The single colour varieties of pansies look a lot more attractive. 

English primrose: English primroses are literally the best choice for winters. English primroses are available in almost all colours and they are nearly 9 inches wide and 8 to 12 inches high. English primroses need regular watering and moderate sunlight or sometimes part or full shade.

Winter jasmine: Even the names of jasmines bring a sweet aroma. Winter jasmines really look beautiful. Winter jasmines grow in an exquisite way if provided with the good soil and full sun. 

Viola: Viola must be named as the sunshine in the darkest clouds because their qualities mean it. Even the rain fails to beat down viola flowers. Violas are a bit smaller than pansies but have more flowers in white, yellow, cream, blue, and bi-colour varieties. They are best suitable for winters and take part shade or sun.

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