Everyone loves to eat cake, be it children or adults even the elderly can't get enough of it. We’d eat cake every day if it comes with a guarantee of not making you fat. Different people have different habits and cake is also one of them, some like to eat it with a fork, others with a spoon, some even eat it by hands. Either way, it isn't just your favourite cake that is served up on a plate, but your personality is too. The cake that you choose can tell a lot about your personality, Online Pune Florist has done some research and made a list of some of the popular cake flavours and what they say about one’s personality.

Vanilla sponge cake

People always associate boring with vanilla, but in reality, it is far from it and so are the people who chose this as their favourite flavour. If this is your favourite cake, then you are often underestimated and underrated until the time you show your true personality. These people are often impulsive, kind-hearted and generous by nature.

Chocolate mud cake

If the cake you choose is the chocolate mud cake, then you are most probably the type whom everyone loves. People often invite you to everything and are sad when you are double booked. You have a comforting, understanding and passionate personality, and you are the person that people turn to when they want advice or want a shoulder to cry on.

Coffee cake

These people tend to be the trendsetters, and they are the masters of their own making. Whatever they decide to do, they give their 100% and approach every little thing with gusto. The people who choose coffee cake as their favourite are often lively, persistent, driven and live by nature.


Drama seems to be a big part of your life, and you don't mean your life to be so damn dramatic. Whenever you tell a story, people tend to listen because the things that happen with your on a daily basis are something that would never happen with them in a million years. The people who choose coffee cake as their favourite are often smooth, sexy and a little bit emotional.

Red velvet cake

People who choose red velvet as their favourite cake tend to have a very intense no-nonsense up-front personality. This can be a bit overwhelming for many newcomers to handle, but your true friends all know that you're as sweet as anything on the inside.

These are some of the most common cake flavours that tell a lot about your personality. Do you know someone who fits precisely the characteristics of any one of them, then send them their favourite cake as a gift with flower delivery services.

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