At least once in your lifetime, you must have met a person who was loyal to the core, a sympathetic soul, highly emotional, always a mood elevator and at times insecure. Are you getting any hints as to whom we are pointing towards? These people are the Cancerians, one of the most challenging zodiacs to get familiar with. People who are born under the crab are faithful to you for life and are very empathetic towards you and your suffering. They are quick to help someone in need and twice as quick in avoiding uncomfortable situations. So, if this July you are looking for a perfect gift to give to your Cancerian friend, then there is nothing better than a bouquet of flowers according to their zodiac sign. So, join us in the deep conversation about the best-suited flowers to gift to your Cancerian friends.

There are two main flowers that are associated with the month of July and cancer zodiac sign, and they are the lily and the delphiniums. Both of them can be an excellent choice to give as a gift but let’s look at the symbolism and meaning that each of them holds.


Cancerians have a deep love for their home and family, and this is the reason that they usually are proud homeowners, this is why gifting them with flowers is an ideal gift. Cancerians also enjoy the ancestry and history of things, so they would be fascinated to learn that lilies have been revered as a holy flower in many cultures. This makes lilies a perfect gift for the Cancerian friend of yours, add a bunch of happy birthday balloons, and you have a thoughtful and impressive gift for their special day.


People born under the cancer sign are often considered as the most emotional of the zodiac signs. Many say that the personality of someone born under the crab can be boiled down to one word: sensitivity.

If you want to let these compassionate and generous spirits know that how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness present them with a flower arrangement filled with delphiniums. The name of the flower is derived from the dolphin shaped bloom, an appropriate match for this water sign. With symbolism tied to an open heart and a feeling of levity and lightness, delphinium complements cancer’s sensitivity and romanticism, thus making them the perfect gift to give.

So, these are the most common and popular floral gifts that you can present to your friends, but don't feel limited by just these two choices. White is a colour that Cancerians love and has a deep routed symbolism in the zodiac sign. So, giving a bouquet of white roses can also be a great idea, send them to your friend's doorsteps with flower delivery in Pune.

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