Are you tired of viewing the same old three-tier wedding cake with  the little bride and groom wedding cake topper? Why not try something new this time? Why not try new trendy wedding theme cakes such as fairytale wedding cake, dragonfly wedding cake or more. We all know wedding cakes look elegant, classy and adorable. They give the wedding an entirely new look. Online Pune Florist has listed some of the fantastic wedding theme cakes that enlightens the fun in the wedding. So, get ready to try your hands on these customized wedding cakes.

Custom & Creative Wedding Cake Toppers: There are tons of wedding cake toppers available in the market. You can easily shop them online or ask your wedding cake baker to create for you. You can have anything from the traditional bride to the wild groom. Moreover, if you both are sports fan then ask your local wedding shop to create a sporty wedding cake topper for you. 

Furthermore, if you don't like to spend much on these then stick to custom wedding cake toppers and ask your wedding cake retailer to create the initials of your names and then decorate it with small crystals. It will look good and would compliment to your wedding decor.

Themed Wedding Cakes: Select a normal cake and give it a beautiful makeover by creating a custom themed wedding cakes. There are extensive options for designing themed wedding cakes. Some of the best customisation are given below:

    a. Sculpted Cakes: The foremost choice of every couple. These cakes give the wedding a classy look. Ask the baker to create a castle wedding cake  for your wedding. Or, if you are having a beach wedding then what about picnic basket full of sand and mud themed wedding cake. Moreover, if you are food lover, then a hamburger with loads of french fries themed cake would look amazing. 

     b. Decorations: If your confused in selecting the right wedding cake then stick to traditional wedding cake like three-tier and square-tire. But, make sure to ask your baker to decorate the cake with crystals and use different frosting techniques. Try to match your wedding cake with the wedding theme as much as possible. 

      c. Cupcakes: If you don't want to commit such a beautiful wedding cakes like above then prefer mini-wedding cupcakes for the wedding as they are small and moreover your guests can enjoy the individual sized cake

Whatsoever, is the occasion just keep in mind there are a million options to customise the things whether it is a cake or flower arrangements. Always make sure to plan ahead especially the wedding stuff. 

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