Once you realize that you don’t need an occasion to buy cake, the second part of your life begins. However, cakes bought for an occasion have a certain special importance. Like the cake you buy for your beloved for Birthdays, anniversaries or for Valentine Day holds a special place in your relationship. Everyone loves cake and everyone loves being in love. Imagine you showing up with delicious and gorgeous looking cake and a bottle of wine when you wish them first thing in the morning. Can you imagine how amazing the day will be when you have cake for breakfast? Now you must get a cake for the biggest day that celebrates love. Cupid will forever be on your side if you have cake.

But should you show up with a plain cake? A normal looking bland cake? Absolutely not. You must get a custom made personalised cake from Online Pune Florist for that shows how much you love your lover.

We have 3 ways in which you can personalize a Valentine’s Day cake-

Put up your picture- This may sound a bit mainstream nowadays but still, taking a picture from one of your best memories with your better half and putting it on a cake that has their favourite flavour inside? Ah! Is there anything more romantic? We think not.

The shape matters- Whether your darling loves football or basketball or flowers or even their work desk more than anything (after you of course), then get that on the cake. Get a small football stadium as cake or roses of different colours. The sky is the limit when it comes to get creative.

Do it yourself- There is no personalization more personal than doing it yourself. Bake and decorate a cake all by yourself and present it with a bouquet to your significant other. If you don’t know how to bake, then learn. Take a baking class if you have to but just do it. The effort is what counts. It shows how much you care and what lengths you are willing to go to express your love for the person who makes your world a better place.

Cake is the answer to a lot of problems. It doesn’t solve them all but makes it all bearable and better. Order your cake today or go to that baking class. You can even consider cake delivery in Pune to surprise your loved on the special day. 

Eat more cake!! Celebrate love with cake!!

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  • Feb 22, 2019
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