Bouquet. Isn't it a lovely word? Yes, bouquet is a lovely word and an even lovelier reality.Decidedly French in origin, the word rolls off the tongue—silky, delicate and soft, like flowers themselves. Of course, as lovely as the word might be, it can hardly touch what it signifies: one of natur View More...
15 Mix Carnations Bunch
Bunch of assorted 15 pcs of carnations. ..
Rs 800.00 Rs 720.00
Ex Tax: Rs 720.00
Bird of Paradise
Send this exotic table top arrangement made with 2 handpicked Bird of Paradise, 3 Red G..
Rs 980.00 Rs 882.00
Ex Tax: Rs 882.00
15 Mix Flowers Wrapped in Tissue
15 Mix Flowers Wrapped in Tissue ..
Rs 700.00 Rs 630.00
Ex Tax: Rs 630.00
Birthday Party
Here is our ‘Hot New Arrival’ this Season, a vibrant bouquet of 3 Yellow Asiatic Lilies, 5 Pi..
Rs 1,080.00 Rs 972.00
Ex Tax: Rs 972.00
Bunch of 12 Roses with 1 Bloomed Lily
Bunch of 12 Roses with 1 Bloomed Lily ..
Rs 900.00 Rs 810.00
Ex Tax: Rs 810.00
Classic Combo
Be a King of Romance when you gift this dozen hand picked 12 Carnations of the Pink Family w..
Rs 3,840.00 Rs 3,456.00
Ex Tax: Rs 3,456.00
In Love Carnations
Tell her how special she is for you, with this splendid bunch of 15 ‘Love Special Carnation’...
Rs 750.00 Rs 675.00
Ex Tax: Rs 675.00
Friendship Combo55
Send this Friendship Bouquet of 20 Yellow Roses in Basket with Half Kg Dark Chocolate C..
Rs 1,740.00 Rs 1,566.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,566.00
Basket Full Of Cheer
25 Red roses with white carnations adorn a classic basket ..
Rs 1,239.00 Rs 1,115.10
Ex Tax: Rs 1,115.10
Touch of Love
This ‘Love of Touch’ bouquets is our brand new assortment of 6 Red Roses with 9 Pink Carnatio..
Rs 880.00 Rs 792.00
Ex Tax: Rs 792.00
Flowers are the creation by god to express the various feelings like love, respect, devotion, joy..
Rs 1,350.00 Rs 1,215.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,215.00
Basket of Good Wishes
For all their successes and good luck, wish them further prosperity and happiness with this brigh..
Rs 935.00 Rs 841.50
Ex Tax: Rs 841.50
Chocolaty Mix
Bunch of 10 seasonal flowers ( 4 Roses, 2 Carnations, 4 Gerberas) is best complimented with yummi..
Rs 1,170.00 Rs 1,053.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,053.00
Red n White
This flirty combination of 12 Red Roses with 5 White Roses and 10 White Gerberas is sur..
Rs 1,040.00 Rs 936.00
Ex Tax: Rs 936.00
Best Combo
Bunch of 5 Mix colored Roses, 5 Mix colored Gerberas and 2 Lilly Sticks along with Gulab Jamun (W..
Rs 1,380.00 Rs 1,242.00
Ex Tax: Rs 1,242.00