The festive season is up. And offering flowers to the Almighty is one of the oldest and most common ways of showing love and affection. Flowers are also useful in decorating the homes. And if provided with the best vase they look even more pleasing. The aroma of flowers can make anyone fall for them. Additionally, with decorating and offering flowers to deities, they also make a great choice for gifting. Nobody dislikes the attractive look and pleasing fragrance of flowers, and it becomes more attractive when offered with a box of sweets or chocolates.

Everyone knows that only fresh flowers looks tempting and have a sweet aroma. But keeping the flowers fresh for a long duration of time is challenging. But, here is a solution to all your worries and concerns.

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If you want to keep your flowers fresh for a long time, then you must:

  • If want to keep the flowers at home only, then make sure the vase is clean. And instead of adding the cold water, you must add warm water along with some sugar and white vinegar to the vase. Remove all the leaves from flowers and also do not forget to cut the stems 1 or 2 inches at the angle.
  • Use flower food only for cut flowers. Flower food is a mixture of bleach, sugar, and citric acid. These three ingredients provide the best and perfect environment for cut flowers. Add the flower food to the water of the vase and dissolve it completely in the water. Make sure that you avoid the overdose.  And if you don’t have any flower food, then you can even prepare it at home by adding household bleach, lemon or lime juice, and sugar.
  • Use hairspray. As the hairspray preserves your hairstyle, the same way it preserves the flowers too. Spray it to the bottom of leaves and petals. It helps in keeping the flowers fresh for longer time.
  • One of the common ways for keeping the flowers fresh for long duration is using aspirin. Add a crushed aspirin to the water in the vase, and keep changing the water in every few days.
  • If you want to keep your blossoms fresh; then adding Apple cider vinegar will do the favour.  Mix some Apple cider vinegar with sugar and add it to the vase water, but remember to add it before adding the flowers. 

Keep these healthy perks in your mind to keep the flowers fresh and aromatic for a longer time.  

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