Mother's day is a when every child should express their thanks and appreciation for all that our mothers do for us each and every day. This may 13, give your mother something special to brighten her day. If you haven't gotten a gift yet to give to your mother, consider sending her a beautiful floral bouquet, making sure you consider the significance of each flower carefully and impress your mother with your floral knowledge.

If you are having troubles on deciding which blooms to choose for your arrangement, why not get a better knowledge of the symbolism of your potential floral choices for mom. A beautiful bouquet surely is a classic gift, but knowing and choosing specific flowers based on their meanings is a truly heartfelt gesture that she is sure to appreciate. Online flower delivery Pune lists below a collection of favourable flowers to consider for an exquisite mother’s day bouquet.


While being largely appreciated for their flawless beauty all around the world, Orchids are also given as a blessing of having many children in China. These beautiful flowers come in many different colors and varieties. They can be used as both- in an arrangement or simply as a stand-alone gift.


Another excellent choice of blooms for your mom is the lilac flower. This is a popular choice for weddings as it symbolises new love, but they also signify a love between a mother and child. Lilacs give a great compliment to a variety of floral arrangements.


These unique and charming flowers symbolise warmth and affection. Throughout the history, they have been associated with the Virgin Mary. They come in a stunning and delightful palette of colours, but for mother's day, you should go for the blue and white hues for your bouquet.


Pink carnations are said to have grown from the ground where the virgin mary shed tears over the death of Jesus, according to Christian mythology. Carnations, therefore, came to know as a symbol of a mother's eternal love. Carnation bloom also tends to last for a more extended period of time, giving your mom a longer lasting visual gift.

There are lots of flowers to choose from such as sunflowers, daffodils or pink gerbera daisies to make your bouquet for this mother's day a bright, vibrant and thoughtful gift. Another noteworthy tip is to use the flowers from the month your mom was born, provided they’re in season.

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