Flower bouquets are amongst the most popular gifts for any occasion, or even for presenting to your dear ones. But figuring out which flowers you should give always cloud your mind with questions like is it ok to send Carnations? Most people either love or hate the clover pink flower, and the haters will always come up with a long list of reasons to deter you from going with carnations. Like, they are cheap flowers, they remind people of funerals and even that they are just filler flowers. Online flower delivery Pune would argue that it's about time to stop thinking less of carnations and have them make a comeback, here are a few reasons why:

Very affordable 

Carnations have been getting a bad rap as being a “cheap” flower, which is really a bad thing. No, carnations are not as costly as some of the other flowers like the roses or orchids, but that is precisely why you should consider embracing the bloom. If you are tight on budget or are saving for something carnations can turn out to be the perfect choice for you as they are gorgeous and don’t cost as much as some of the other more prominent flowers.

The history behind them

This is no news that carnations have been around for thousands of years, it is believed that they might have origins in the Mediterranean region. In the Victorian era, the go to flower to respond to a suitor or secret admirer was the carnation. If you chose a solid colour then that meant a “yes”, the striped bloom was “regretfully, no”, and the colour yellow was also a “no”.

Many different colours to choose from

Does your loved one have a colour that they favour more, there is almost certainly a carnation for that. And every shade of this lovely flower holds their own special meaning. A deep red signifies love, while a light red is for admiration; white denotes purity or luck. Pink carnations have come to signify a mother’s unconditional love. You are safe choosing almost any colour of carnations, don't go for yellow or striped ones due to the above mentioned negative meanings.

Much more than a filler flower

They are quite often used as supporting flowers in a bouquet, and carnations can more than easily hold their own too. Florists have made some of the most incredible floral walls, garlands and canopies using only carnations. You can gather together multiple stems and efficiently amplify the effects of the textured petals for one cheery, full floral arrangement.

The next time when you think of gifting someone a bunch of flowers keep carnations in your mind. These gorgeous flowers are proven to be exactly what you want. Send some pink carnations to your mother or red to your special someone, get them delivered to their doorsteps for a much more significant surprise.

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