Flowers are a big part of the Easter season and celebrations. Some flowers are even termed as Easter flowers due to their significance and symbolism that they hold to this time of the year. The most common amongst them is the Easter lily; these beautiful white flowers not just represent the spiritual essence of the Christian holiday but they hold more traditional meaning. They are considered to be the delicate embodiment of renewed life, hope and purity. Online flower delivery Pune presents you with some facts about the Easter flowers and their significance. 

Easter lilies are a native flower of the Ryukyu islands in southern Japan. Currently most commonly found a variety of the Easter lily is the Nellie white. They have a traditional shape of the large, white, trumpet-shaped flowers. They are often referred to as “white-robed apostle of hope” and can be commonly seen on the altars everywhere during the Easter season. 

Easter lilies are not the only Easter flowers, in the united kingdom and Russia, the honor goes to the pussy willow also. Narcissus is yet another Easter flower that is commonly used. The most widely used flowers during the time of Easter are daffodils and tulips. In Germany, some type of red flowers are also given as red symbolises the blood of Christ.

Still, amongst all these Easter flowers, the Easter lily reigns supreme as it is mentioned many times in the bible. Lilies have been related to motherhood and often played a significant role in the allegorical tails and are even closely related to virgin Mary.

Lili flowers are also associated with the Annunciation or the resurrection of the Virgin, that makes them even closer to the spirit of Easter. They bring the traditions of the old and the new, representing both the worlds for the Easter holiday season. They can also make a great Easter gift that keeps on presenting year after year. Some of the less known and used flowers are the chrysanthemum, carnation, daisy and even the sunflower have found their way on the Easter flower tradition. Send some lilies to your loved ones on this Easter with flower delivery in Pune

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