What adds stars to Christmas? It’s the decoration. Decoration is always needed to prettify the ambience and set up the right festive mood.
 But if are fed up of using same decorative ideas again and again then you must have a look at the interesting guide including the best and new Christmas home decoration ideas by Online Pune Florist.

Interesting and perfect Christmas home decoration ideas:

  • How about a beautiful candle holder? This is such interesting idea to enhance the decoration this Christmas. All what you have to do is put some candles, garlands, and Christmas ornaments in a bowl but just make sure that the candles are fastened well before adding the balls and garlands to them.
  • A DIY curtain of ornaments is going to look just perfect. You can add silver or gold Christmas ornaments and hand it with a thin organza ribbon. This will not only look pretty but would beautify the environment as well.
  • One of the most creative Christmas home decoration ideas- Star- punched paper hurricanes is amazing. All you need to do punch a design into decorative paper and then wrap it around the hurricane vase.
  • You will need glue, a leftover paper, fishing line, and cardstock paper to create the festive icicles. You have to cut two circles from each paper and adjoin the cardstock circle to the wrapping paper circle and join them together with a fishing line. You icicles are ready!
  • You can also go for decorating your mantle by placing candles on it. And try placing the candles in a jar to beautify them.
  • Placing the wine glasses upside- down as candle holders looks elegant and beautiful. You can add leaves under the glass and you can even go for different types of glasses.
  • You can decorate the branches with the use of ornaments, white spray paint, and a kind of vase to support everything. You can also go for keeping the branches natural. This will definitely look amazing
  • Another interesting and awesome idea to beautify the walls is to wrap the photo frames like present and arrange them on wall according to their sizes.
  • One of the simple yet elegant ways of decorating the mantle is to dress up the simple candles in a beautiful manner.
  • Throw pillows are not a bad option. You can watch a simple tutorial and then make throw pillows. To prettify them even more, you can glue snowflakes on it.

This Christmas add something new and exotic in your decoration!

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